May 19th Day of action


What's Happening On Saturday, May 19th?

This Saturday, National School Walkout chapters across the country are planning the kind of meeting that adults couldn’t dream up if they tried. We're are getting together to talk about what we want for our country’s future. We’re going to crowdsource ideas to create a visionary agenda that we can take to Washington, D.C. This toolkit is your guide to everything you need to plan a successful meeting with your chapter! Read on for tips, agendas, and our National Conversation Survey, which you'll complete in your meeting. 

No chapter? No worries. Just like we learned from Justin, Havana, and so many other courageous students, even if you're the only person in your community who participates, you definitely aren't alone. There are literally millions of young people ready to fight for our futures, and we're with you every step of the way. 

Getting Started: Set A time & Place

Organizing a meeting can be nerve-wracking, but if you plan ahead, we'll bet that your meeting will be a total success.

First, find a location & time. Depending on the size of your group, a house, rec center, or even a public space like a cafe could all be great locations. Then, you should set a time and let everyone know. Since we're meeting on a Saturday, we suggest late morning or early afternoon to avoid overlapping with family plans and so you can all hang after!

Second, let em know! Send your group a text or an email with the time and place to meet up. If you had a large walkout, and you think a lot of students might be interested in attending a meeting, create a Facebook event and invite everyone and encourage your friends (or other walkout co-hosts) to do the same. You can @mention people to bring attention to the meeting on Twitter as well.

Day-of reminders are everything! Remind everyone via text, email, or on the Facebook event. 

Third, gather-up!

The Meeting: A Conversation Guide

Have a conversation. On April 20th we sent an unmistakable message to the adults who have failed to protect us: we demand the right to our futures and an end to America's gun violence epidemic. But if we don’t keep up our momentum, things will never change. We must all work together to build a national movement that our country's leaders can’t ignore. This is our movement's first official opportunity to talk about the walkouts. We want to take this opportunity to reflect, learn, and build for the future.

  • How do you think the walkout went? How have you seen our community respond to the walkout? Have you seen our community change the way it talks about gun violence since the walkout?
  • We've all heard a lot about gun control policies. Here's a list in case it's helpful. Beyond policy change, what things do you think would make our community, and our generation feel more empowered in the face of gun violence in America?
  • What can our generation do to shift our political realities?  
  • If we were to identify some tools or resources we needed to keep organizing and take this movement to the next level, what would they be?
  • We often use the language of intersectionality to think about how issues overlap with one another. What are the other issues facing our country and our communities that might contribute to America's fun violence epidemic?
  • Everyone talks about the potential of young people, and what kind of leaders we'll become. But one of the goals of this movement is to empower young people to become leaders today. What do you think young people and students can do, right now, to lead our communities?

The Survey: share your insights

Fill out the survey as a group. Have everyone in the group individually fill out the National Conversation Survey, below, so your ideas can be integrated into strategy and planning for the future of this movement. 

team bonding

Do something dope together & share it on social! This stronger the bonds within our individual communities, the stronger our movement. Do a fun group activity and post a picture to Instagram or Twitter using #NationalSchoolMeetup! Don't forget to tag @schoolwalkoutus. 


National Conversation Survey

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