A Note on Safety and Privilege


Plan your actions to ensure that no one is asked to take on a role that they are not comfortable with, and be mindful of the fact that not everyone walking out faces an equal level of risk. Members of your group who enjoy more privilege should think carefully about how they can ensure that they are using their privilege to support other members of the group. If you are concerned about potential law enforcement intimidation, consider downloading your state’s version of the ACLU Mobile Justice app to ensure that any intimidating behavior is captured. Please familiarize yourself with your state and local laws that govern recording, along with any applicable school policies. These laws and rules vary from place to place.

Students who speak to reporters can ask to be quoted by their first name and age instead of their full name, if they’d prefer. That’s a common convention for people under 18. Students who would prefer not to associate their social media accounts with the walkout can forward photos and videos to the group’s press coordinator, or to friends, rather than posting them themselves.