Day of the Walkout


Tips for a Smooth Walkout

Maintain a group chat with your core team so you can communicate throughout the march, and meet up as soon as you all exit the building.

The A/V lead and anyone else needed for setup should leave earlier than everyone else, allowing time to test equipment and to decorate the location.

Marshals should greet attendees, and ask them to sign in on a piece of paper. Collecting their information will allow you to follow up after the event, asking them to commit to continued involvement—there will be more voters to register and more action to take!

Follow your agenda as closely as you can, but don’t be stressed if you’re behind schedule. What’s most important is that speakers get to say what they want to say, and that you create enough open mic space for everyone who is interested to be heard.

The emcee should receive the speakers as they arrive and let them know the run of the show.

Respect your own needs and the needs of your classmates. Take bathroom breaks, share bottles of water, hand out snacks, pack ponchos in case of inclement weather, or layers. Sit on the ground or lean against an object if you get tired of standing.

The Art Coordinator should distribute picket signs, poster board with slogans, and banners. They should also coordinate with other artists and performers in the community who have been invited to the event.

The photographer and videographer should be sure to have full batteries and room on their phones. They should send everything to the press coordinator at the end of the event.

The press coordinator should arrive early and be available by email as much as possible. The social media coordinators should consider Periscope or Facebook live for the event, and post photos to Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #NationalSchoolWalkout.

Voter registration volunteers should register voters throughout the day.

Remember to end the program by reminding participants register to vote, and then to call their Member of Congress’ offices to fight for sensible gun laws. Share the phone number for your Senators’ offices! Continuing the momentum beyond the walkout itself will be crucial to the success of the movement.

Keep self-care in mind. If you, or any of your classmates feel physically, emotionally, or psychologically exhausted, create space to step aside, drink water, breathe, and support one another. Mindfulness around others’ experiences will only make your event a safer and inclusive action. Consider adding roles to handle these needs.