Sample Walkout Agenda

This will look different if your event is staying on campus and attendees are not returning to class. Make sure you design an agenda that matches your expectations of attendees!

Team sets up stage/podium, sound system, and artwork/decorations at the final location of the walkout.

Students walk out of the building and gather somewhere near campus.

Organizer address the crowd, reminds everyone of the purpose of the event, and commences 13 seconds of silence to honor the 13 killed at Columbine High School. Then, Organizer makes plug for voter registration, names the destination and leads the walk.

OPTIONAL—March from campus to lawmaker’s office/other destination, led by speakers, affected people, their families, and advocates.

Crowd gathers again, volunteers send around signup clipboards.

Organizer leads crowd in chants, and names specific demands (gun reform now, No Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, no NRA money).

10:40-all day
Vote registration volunteers move around through the crowd registering voters on their smartphones using

Speaker 1 gives remarks.

Organizer leads chants and then introduces Speaker 2.

Speaker 2 gives remarks

Organizer leads chants, makes a reminder to register to vote and to call your congresspeople. Organizer introduces Speaker 3.

11:00- 11:08
Speaker 3 gives remarks

Organizer leads chants, and introduces Speaker 4.

Speaker 4 gives remarks, and reminds everyone of the calls to action (join a group, call congress , no NRA money).

Organizer thanks all the speakers and gives another reminder about voter registration, and shares information for calling their Senator. Organizer announces open mic.

Open mic for any students who wish to voice their opinion about the epidemic of gun violence, potential solutions, or anything else discussed.

Organizer announces follow up event, if there is one at the school. Announces other ways to support gun violence prevention work in the local community. Event closes. You can also continue programming until the school day ends to take advantage of transportation.

For the rest of the day, students won’t return to class, but will make calls to their Senators’ offices and flood social media with calls for reform, using the hashtag #NationalSchoolWalkout. Check out our section on “After the Walkout” for ideas, thoughts, and ways to channel energy post-march.