If Our Elected Representatives Won’t Prevent Gun Violence, Let’s Elect Some That Will in 2018


Some elected representatives will refuse to advocate for gun violence prevention measures, but don’t worry—you can elect new ones in November. The midterm elections are the best chance to elect a slew of gun reform advocates all across the country from state legislatures to governor’s mansions and courthouses. Here are just a few things you can do:

Demand candidates return bloody NRA contributions:

  • The NRA has thrown $120 million into federal and state elections between 2009 and 2016.

  • Have your state or federal representatives accepted contributions from the gun lobby? If so, ask them to return their bloody NRA money.

  • If candidates refuse to return these contributions, build out accountability campaigns—get louder!

  • Ask candidates about these contributions at their campaign events.

  • Volunteer for candidates who refuse to take NRA funding. Look for volunteer opportunities with your local Indivisible groups.

  • While the NRA and the gun lobby mostly fund Republicans, did you know these Democrats have also received NRA contributions?

  • Push your candidate to take this No NRA Money pledge.

Make sure everyone you know is registered to vote!

  • Register votes. If lawmakers won’t vote to protect their constituents, then we have the power to vote them out in November—it’s important every eligible voter registers by their state’s deadline. There are plenty of students at your high school who are either 18 (and can register to vote immediately) or will be by Election Day (they can still register!). Some states, like Florida, even allow 16-year-olds to register—though you still must be 18 to vote. You can learn more about your state’s registration rules here.

  • Ultimately, the greatest accountability tool we have is the ballot. Turn this movement of new advocates into a wave of new voters who will elect lawmakers we can trust on the issue of gun violence prevention. Register yourself, friends and family using Indivisible’s voter registration tool at indivisible.turbovote.org!

  • If you need more tips and best practices, check out Indivisible’s Voter Registration guide!